ChosenOne Mixtape Template

Chosen One Mixtape Template

Chosen One Mixtape Template

Chosen One Mixtape Mockups

Ah, Chosen One. Something a little more minimal for our growing library of free mixtape covers!

What can you use this free mixtape template for?

Personally, I think it would suit those trying to portray a cleaner and more elegant image for their music,


I also think it would suit perfectly for religious organisations like Churches, if they’re putting out a choir or Gospel CD for instance.

In fact, on that note I’m not quite sure why I used a picture of Will.I.Am! >.<

Either way, if you’re not big on having a mixtape cover that’s all-guns-blazing with a billion different shiny and sparkly elements, Chosen One should suit you down to a tee.

What fonts do I need for Chosen One Mixtape Cover Template?

  • HelbaBlackDB
  • Adobe Calson Pro

Where can I get high quality stock photos?

Print ready CMYK files included!

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4 Responses to “ChosenOne Mixtape Template”

  1. jokal says:

    good simple cover mixtape :)

  2. gfx says:

    Thanks for all the great stuff! For a beginner like me this is very helpful. Sum templates merge the layers before they give it out, but you guys do it so we can see exactly what was done. Thanks again

    • Adam says:

      Glad you enjoy the templates! Some layers are merged to save space and/or because they contain data that older versions of Photoshop can’t read.

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